Could some of you tell me about your cultures?

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Ooh someone I know has a British/German/Jewish family in their story. The author actually was born in a German cultural country. It’s pretty cool

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Same. Mine is a Filipino family, but they live in Canada. But I do have a few flashbacks/family back home.

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I’m Slavic but to be more precisely I’m Polish and was born in region which was quite long under Germany so my culture is somehow soaked with Germans culture (I’m from voivodeship Wielkopolska) We got our own dialect which is a bit similar to German language but also to dialect of different region of Poland(exactly Śląsk region). We got a quite popular tradition of eating croissants filled with white poppy and nuts for Independence Day cuz we celebrate then also Saint Martin Name’s Day and watching special parade on St. Martin’s street.
My region is mainly popular for two trestles touching horns at the top of the clock tower on the old town hall building placed in old town district but we got also a bit famous football/soccer club named Lech Poznań but you can hear locals saying KKS or Kolejorz instead of full club name.
When looking at my region historical again then we are the only region that has sparked an uprising and has not failed in 20th century. We got also a cathedral where Polish baptism was taken by prince Mieszko the First.
People born and raised here are thought the real value of money and to be proud of their roots so we might seem to be a bit arrogant and stingy.
We also hate being compared to our capital city, Warsaw, but it’s a bit too complicated and too much to explain but it is a must to know that we hate being compared to this city and people from there.

On photos you have our traditional Saint Martin’s Croissants, trestles on tower of old city hall and our regional clothingimage

If you have more questions then feel free to contact me here through DMs or by Instagram (@axel.aria.episode)


I get that (to a point) but I doubt your german bf had anything to do with nazis lol I assume that is what her issue was.

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I know this sounds weird and it’s not really a culture thing. But if your MC is british or you’re exploring a story set in the UK, make sure you tailor your spelling and grammar to it. E.g. we use:

  • realise not realize
  • colour not color
  • blonde not blond
  • crisps not chips


And sometimes even the way we say things is different, like somebody previously said, slang and sayings. But that’s only if your story is set with British characters in the UK or something.

It’s not a necessity, you dont need to change the way things are written I just think it makes it more relatable to British people reading a british story if it’s written with the way we say and spell things in mind :joy:

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Well, saying “people from Europe” is pretty damn wide. European people don’t have the same culture. For example the Balkans have a pretty different culture than the rest of Europe. Or Russia, etc. Just because we’re all white in Europe, it doesn’t mean we share the same culture.
Also, a fun fact before I forget: Greece has the most work hours in Europe, and they’re still labeled as lazy. :confused:
EDIT:: nevermind, I saw that white people shared stuff about their culture too, so here I go. I’m half Romanian, half Hungarian, but both of these languages are my native languages, I don’t speak one better than the other.
Oh boy, this is going to be a long-ass comment, brace yourself.

  • Romanian:
    Romanian people are white, but we are not pale, like most people imagine white people to be. White people doesn’t mean Anglo-Saxon people with ginger or blond hair and snow white skin, maybe some freckles and bright colored eyes.
    Well, to start off, everyone associates Romania with vampires. Yes, it’s based on Vlad Țepeș (Vlad the Impaler) who was a ruler of Wallachia. He was very cruel but would only impale people who broke the law (stole, raped, killed, etc.).
    Something I saw and it is really sad that this exists is that some people actually think Transylvania is a fictional place: I wanna let everyone know, Transylvania exists and it’s a region in Romania (the others are Banat, Oltenia, Muntenia, Dobrogea, Moldova, Bucovina). (Please note, Moldova is a region of Romania, and the Republic of Moldova is a different country, where people also speak Romanian, there’s no such language as Moldavian). (I saw people who aren’t even Romanian, speak on behalf of Romanians and about the Romanian language, saying there’s Moldavian language, and I don’t even wanna start on why someone who has nothing to do with a country, nationality, and culture, speaks about it and misinforms others).

  • More on the language: Romanian is a Romance language, few people know that or few people tend to forget about Romanian when thinking of the Romance languages, because 11.5% - 14.6% of the Romanian vocabulary is Slavic, which leads people to think it’s a Slavic language. It isn’t.

  • Now, I’m done with all the parentheses. Let’s talk about some inventions you had no idea are Romanian. I’ll leave a list below:

  • Let’s talk about alcohol: There’s the Balkan’s most cherished beverage, the Rakija (you’d call it Brandy in English I guess). In Romanian, it’s Rachiu, but Romania has 3 types of brandies: Țuică, Pălincă (this one is Hungarian), and Rachiu. They have different names based on what they’re made of and they’re strong af. I won’t go into detail cause…yeah. :joy: But there are other alcoholic beverages that Romanians make for themselves, their own wine, vodka, etc.

  • Well, let’s talk food: There are many Romanian traditional dishes,
    like Sarmale:

    Mămăligă (however people usually eat it with (fried) sausage or fried ham):

    And so on and so forth, you can look them up and how they’re done if you want to try it.

  • We have our own Folklore and mythology, you can look that up if you will, I won’t make the comment any longer than I have to.

  • Another thing to know about us is that Romanian people in general, are very close with their families. You mandatorily go to school until the age 18 (I know in the UK you can choose to only finish half of high school, but here it’s not the case, you gotta have 12 years of schooling) and then you start working or you’re off to uni. Therefore, you still live with your parents, because you can’t afford to buy a house or an apartment, unless you wanna rent a place, but usually people try to spend as little money as possible (You won’t see Romanian people spending money unless it’s really necessary).

  • Our music industry is thriving, if I may say (I don’t necessarily mean we’re famous internationally). Some Romanian singers are Inna, Antonia, Alexandra Stan (you might know her for her song Mr. Saxobeat), and then there you have them:
    O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei [Off
    Tom Boxer, Morena - Deep in Love ft. J Warner - YouTube
    Alexandra Stan - Mr. Saxobeat (Official Video) - YouTube
    Inna - 10 Minutes - YouTube
    (this song from Inna is from the early beginnings, everybody loves it still)
    If I may add something is that many Romanians tend to hold onto old songs (see what I did above lmao).
    Also, did you know that Anastasia Beverly Hills is also Romanian? (Anastasia Soare, her last name means Sun in Romanian). Or that Stan Lee is basically a Romanian jew? His parents were Romanian.

  • Romanian literature is also pretty rich, but I don’t see a point in going into it, since most of the people around here probably don’t even read in their own language, let alone a foreign one. I just feel like it absolutely deserves a mention.

I know I said I can tell you about Hungary as well, which I can, but I’d rather not. It’s late where I’m at, and it would take a few minutes to come up with some dishes and stuff about the culture, then a lot more time to write it down, so I might be getting back to this later.
For now, let’s just say that Hungarians are the descendants of the huns, who came from Mongolia.


In my country each region has different culture (I’m from Europe) :raising_hand_woman:t2:

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I’m British paki and we eat pokra and drink Pepsi shepsi, daal eat and we rhyme everything

Fam also centre not center

Oh and I Muslim

What is that supposed to be?

Yeah! I’m aware that every country in Europe is different I’m literally Romanian. But thanks for the information!

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She was born in Austria which has a very similar culture to the German one x

In the UK it is law to be in full time education until you are 18. Whether this is college or what we call sixth form.

It has been this way since 2013 :slight_smile:

Oh … okay

Fun Fact: I am from Austria too and I would NEVER NEVER NEVER refer to Austria as a “German cultural country”.

I mean I know that there are similarities between Austrian and German Culture but still.

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As a German, I can confirm this.

German and Austria culture are two seperate cultures, even if we have some similarities.

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And it’s weird that in unis professors still teach that Austria, Germany and Switzerland (etc.) are all part of the German culture (as a uni student majoring in German)!

Anyways @Nora_writes_episode, I know you’re not as interested in ‘European’ culture as ones from other parts of the world, but if you’d like to know more about the Italian culture be sure to visit our thread: Need help with Italian (:it:) characters? Come here!

That’s why I said they have similar cultures but not the same. I lived there for a year and it’s beautiful

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