Could somebody make an overlay for me? 🥺

Hello, I would like to make this image:

into a magic portal, this is a sketche I made:
I hope somebody helps me, I will write the name of the author on the credits! :heart::heart::heart:

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is that hogwarts?

How’s this

But can the portal look realistic? Like if the castle was into a magic portal. That was only a sketche!


Ooh ok


Yeah, can you finally cut those parts of the image that are showing down? image

Just a suggestion but you might want to check if you are legally allowed to use that image… certain famous landmarks/locations etc etc have rules where photos of them aren’t allowed to be used for commercial or other purposes. So just check that this isn’t the case for this image. :slightly_smiling_face:

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we cant use copyrighted images. and i am pretty sure hogwarts is

How can I check that?

Yeah brb

Well for a start… where did you get that image from?

Here ya go

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I just searched in google: Howgarts castle. And that appeared. The website of that image is:

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Then likely it is… you can’t just take any image from Google. Most of them come from secondary locations where they are copyrighted. You have to make sure they are public domain copyright free images suitable for commercial uses.
Harry Potter related things are very dodgy to use as almost everything related to it is copyrighted in some way.
My advice don’t use that. You can find castle images on places like pixabay

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If I use it, Episode will just decline it or I will get warned?

You would be lucky to get it approved, as something like that would probably be declined. If it did slip through the net it’s not really episode itself that is the one you’d be concerned with as it’s your own liability and it’s whoever owns the copyright itself who would have the issue if it ever did go that far.
It’s just not worth it.

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