Could somebody please help me code an overlay?

Hey Everyone!

So, I’d like to ask, could somebody please help me with an animation of two overlays that I need to do? It’s an animation, like the hands of a clock are turning around, like the hour passes.
I’ve got the overlays, I just need help with the coding, please.

Note: If you’d like to have the overlays to write it first at the writers portal, just ask me :smiley:

Your help will be super appreciated!
Thank you, Vicky.

Sure I can help. How do you want them? The hour moves like smoothly like rotating in a circle or like the hour hand appears at 1 then suddenly jumps to 2 then jumps to 3 and so on

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Plus can u also show the overlays? You can delete them after I send you the script if they are personal.

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They’re not personal. Thank you so much for the help! I’d like them to rotate around a circle smoothly. Here are the overlays!
634-6345629_clock-hands-png-135138-clock-hour-hand-png-removebg-preview 634-6345629_clock-hands-png-135138-clock-hour-hand-png-removebg-preview

It would be appreciated if you could make one hand bigger please, since I don’t know how :((


Ok do u want me give u the code for placement as well? Because if you do then please send the background as well and the names of the overlays you sent just now that you are using in your story plus what time the clock is showing before the animation and the time u want it to end.

Or else it is pretty easy, here is the code :

&overlay MINUTE_HAND scales to 1.000 2.000

&overlay HOUR_HAND rotates 30 anchor point 0.5 0 in 5 THEN overlay HOUR_HAND rotates 60 anchor point 0.5 0 in 5

@overlay MINUTE_HAND rotates 360 anchor point 0.5 0 in 5 THEN overlay MINUTE_HAND rotates 0 anchor point 0.5 0 in 0 loop _____ times

  • Like u can see 30 and 60 are highlighted in the first command, just keep on adding 30 to the angle for the no. of times u want the hour hand to rotate and just copy and paste the previous command
  • In the second command u can see I left the space blank after loop, just replace the blank by the no. of times u want the minute hand to rotate.
  • other than that I have made the minute hand longer, as u had requested. In the beginning u can see I have highlighted 2.000, if the overlay is too long change 2.000 to 1.750 or 1.500 or anything else u think is right.

Thank you! I will check on it tommorow and tell you all about what I’d like, if so :smiley:

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