Could someone create a limited customization template for

if anyone could make me a limited customization template that would be great!

Female template
eyes: only require, upturned bold, upturned feline and upturned luxe
nose: only require: elven, soft natural and upturned
hair: put all the hairstyles
lips: only require: classic and full round
Things the reader can NOT choose:
eyebrows, skin color, face shape, hair, lip + eye color

Male template:
hair: only require: generic short, cropped, man bun, and pompadour
eyes: only require: gentle almond, deepset sloping, stoic almond
face shape: only require: diamond and defined triangle
eyebrows: only require: thin arch, straight bold, medium sharp and thick arch
Things the reader can NOT choose:
lips, skin color, nose, lip, eye + hair color

thank you!!!


dara makes templates you should ask her

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the amazing @Dara.Amarie makes lots of templates for both styles. i’m sure she’ll have one for that.


okayy thank you!!!

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