Could someone cut out this speech bubble?

Screenshot (15)

Could someone cut out the speech bubble, including the name?

what do u mean by cut out? like make into a png?

Exactly, the speech bubble should basically be an overlay.


That’s the best I could do. :slight_smile:

It might work better if you have a solid color background. :slight_smile:

And maybe not have the character in view? Just the speechbubble. I’m just sayin :v:t4:

Here it is, normally I would’ve thought of it but right now I’m really sleep deprived :sweat_smile:

If this won’t work I’m just going to try it on my laptop once my charger arrives.

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It’s okay, no need to apologize! Here you go:

That’s the best I could do with a green background. I would probably look nicer if you used a black background. :slight_smile:

This is perfectly fine, thank you so much! I’ll just use an app to erase the remaining pieces of green, but this is better than what I would’ve come up with (:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

I just used: