Could someone do a cover for me?💖

Could someone do and edited art scene type of cover pls and could the art look something like this?

I don’t want beginners because I want it to look clean and tidy no offence I hope you know what I mean😇

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I do custom pose covers - you can request at my shop! :blob_sun:
(And ignore the intro lmao I may not have years of experience lol but I can still edit well.)

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I don’t like going to shops can someone tell me if they can do it and I’ll give my insta

I want the art to look like this

This is not mine it’s from the story The new girl don’t steal!!!

And my story is in INK

Does it have to be drawn or is edited also okay?

I want it to look like the cover of “The new girl” I don’t know if it’s drawn or edited but I want it to look like that💖

I’m a digital artist and I’d be thrilled to do something for you.
(Not for free as it’s my job)
You can find me there or on Instagram

Feel free to follow me for support even though you can’t afford a commission, it’s quite as much helpful!
Have a good day :slight_smile:

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I’m still free. You can request wherever you want, even if it’s not at my shop, but all my examples are there. My insta is @lin_writes.episode

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I love your examples!:sparkling_heart: but it’s just not my style I want the cover art to look like the cover of “The new girl”

Ooh your very talented !:sparkling_heart:
But I’m looking for something free
Sorry Xx

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Okay np :blob_sun:

No problem! :slight_smile:

@Sydney_H can you close this pls💖

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: