Could Someone Draw Some Art For Me?

Hi @itsm.episode. If you are still looking for an artist please visit my art shop.

Thanks. I’ll think about it, I’m kind of done with art shops at the moment as it’s just easier to post what I need. But thank you very much, I might check it out later!

No problem

Hey! For some reason I’m not able to download the images for the advert properly. I’m not able to click and download them. They’re unclear and really small. Would you mind sending those images again please?

Also the background for Jasper’s character card is copyrighted so I can’t use that image. I’ll have to search for another image of an cliff, is that fine?

Hey, you know what? I’m really swamped right now so I think I’ll just do it myself, lol! Thanks though

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Oh, ok! If you need help, let me know!

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I will, thanks <33

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