Could someone edit this background?


I have this background I wish to use for my story, but it has a huge lamp post right in the way of it in a location I need to be opened. I had to crop a little of the image to get the right look I was going for, and all that’s left is getting rid of the pole. Is anyone willing to efficiently do it and make it look like it was never there in the first place?

The Background


I can do it!


Will you? I’d really appreciate it, honestly.


definitely! Background edits are like my favorite things to do. We love them here at @EpisodeStudio


Ah, thank you so much! As I said, I really appreciate it. I could offer a character edit/thing of the like in return, but you could probably make one better than I ever could. ^^’


No edits or anything needed. I love helping the community. :blush:


I can help I’m from @EpisodeHelpers


No credit needed we just love doing it


Oh heck, I apologise for asking, but do you mind doing it with this one too?


Do you need to see our examples




ok just to make it clear, this is a

really bad edit.

If you don’t like it, I can ask one of my coworkers to work on it… If you like it, (lol you probs don’t) then credit @EpisodeStudio


I can help were good at edits


And its not bad


ok who’s on the acc rn.


Are you sure? Thanks. I’m working on day rn.




who’s on the acc?




hi, zozo!