Could someone help me with a background?

Hey, so I’m writing my story and my characters need to visit NASA’s GISS (Ive renamed it GESS Goddard Epi-Institute so I dont have any problems). So I searched on googlemaps to see how it looks like on the outside. I think for the purposes of my story the background EXT. PHILADELPHIA TIMES BUILDING - DAY from the art catalogue would be okay, but i need someone to change the name so it says GESS (either like that or the full version). But i would also like someone to make me the “foundation” of the building, which doesnt appear on the background episode provides, like a door maybe etc. if thats possible. Night versions won’t be needed.
Thank you :pleading_face: :heart:


I have here both the building with and without the GESS sign. You can credit me with my IG handle: Lxurie_n

If you need anything altered, let me know! :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Thanks so much! :heart:

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