Could someone help me with choices please

I don’t know what type of choices it is. I can show you the example of what I’m wanting to do.


NARR Where would you like to go first?


Go get a new phone.

Choice 2

Go get some new clothes.

Choice 3


Choice 4

Go Vue.

Choice 5

Go for a girl chat.

Choice 6

Finish in gold then within that you have the are you sure choice.

But I want it as if the pick choice 2 first they’ll have a choice to go to the other 4 choices. If they want to choose choice 3 they still have the other to choose from. If that makes sense.


Try this. I just did it on here, without trying it on my laptop. Let me know if I missed anything, or if any error occurs.

label gofirst

Where would you like to go first?

"Go get a new phone" {
goto gofirst

}"Go get some new clothes" {
goto gofirst

}"Food" {
goto gofirst

}"Go Vue" {
goto gofirst

}"Go for a girl chat" {
goto gofirst

} <PREMIUM> "Finish" {
goto sure


label sure

Are you sure? 

"Yes I'm sure" {
goto Continue

}"No, I'm not" {
goto gofirst


label Continue
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Thank you. I’ll try that when I start it. Thank you for your help :heart:

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Of course, no problem! :hearts:

I’m here if you need any further help.

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