Could someone help me with this error/bug?

Hey guys! So recently the buttons on Episode Writer portal just haven’t been working for me and I have no idea why :woman_shrugging:

None of them buttons work for me except from ‘Manage Your Stories’… Could someone help?

I’ll ask the age old question, have you tried restarting your computer?

I’ve also seen some people say clearing their cache works, I think that’s what it’s called.

If all else fails, you’ll have to submit a ticket.

I’ve restarted my computer and everything, even logged out and even logged in on another platform e.g firefox and internet explorer (I usually use google). Also wdym by cache?

It’s like your web browser history. It keeps track of all the sites you’ve visited. Maybe clearing that up might help? I’m not a computer wiz though.

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Thank you, I’ll try that! :slight_smile:

Sure. If that doesn’t work, you might have to submit a ticket.

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Okay thank you, I’ll try it just now.

I just saw this on the forums as a few others had the same problem lol this may help

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Thank you, clearing my cache didn’t work so I’ll try the others :slight_smile:

It works on Internet Explorer, thank you! :smiley:

Microsoft Edge*

Awesome, glad you got it :slight_smile:

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Ty, once again! :smiley: