Could someone make a art cover for me (Jwrites)?

Hello everyone!

I–finally–figured out how to make a new topic. I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to make me a cover for my story: LIKE SISTER. I know, a feeble-minded story name but–I’ve worked hard on it and want a cover that can stand out.

Hey! I’d be happy to help! Here’s a few examples of some of my covers:

If you could fill out this cover template it would help me a lot!

Story Title:
Author Name:
Story Genre (Horror, Romance, etc):
Number of Characters:
Character Style (LL, Ink):
Character Details (face shape, skin tone, etc):
Brow Shape & Color:
Hair Style & Color:
Eye Shape & Color:
Face Shape:
Nose Shape:
Lip Shape & Color:
Number of Characters (in cover):
Character Animations:
Character Outfits* (plus details like freckles or piercings!):
Any Special Requests? (Font style/color, props, overlays, borders, etc):
*For character outfits, you can send me a picture of your outfit like so:

If that’s too much work you can just send a character image like this:

Okay, hold on! I’ll be back with you in a moment!

Story Title: LIKE SISTER

CHARACTERS (The main characters that I want on there are actually nine but I don’t think that you could make them all fit. So, here are some of the other characters that could be put in the front): 4

ZENESWAYA: Skin (Neutral 07), Face (heart soft), Brow (Arched thin, black dark), Hair (Medium shoulder curly, chestnut brown), Eye shape and color (female generic, brown dark), Nose (round flared upturned), Lips (full heart pouty, Dark Apricott Matte).

This is the first character I want on here.

I just want to make sure that I did it correctly.



Skin Tone: Neutral 02

Face Shape: Heart defined

Brow Shape & Color: Round thick, dark black.

Lips: Full wide, Pinch Peach LT Gloss

Nose: Round Broad

Eyes: Round downturned wide, Red.

I’d like for this character to be doing what she’s doing in the picture. Except for ZENESWAYA, I’d like for her to be Waving or talk_greet_neutral at her twin sister which is… ARIA.

I’ll send you the picture in a sec.


If you need help, I’d happily do it for you :)) it would take a couple of days but I’d get it done :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My examples


I’ll have to do all the character details tomorrow for you all. But thank you!

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Me worries!!