Could someone make an Artscene for me for my story? Thanks

I would love to have an artscene for a Love Interest Named Liam…

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id recommend putting if its ink or ll & what you want & details && stuff like that so people would know if theyd wanna do it or not :woman_shrugging:t4: .


who’s liam


what details?

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what you want for the art scene

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Liam is the @YOU Main love interest. He’s going to be the love interest who changes the @YOU whole life. He’s going to be the main one who helps her to be comfortable w who she is and who motivates her. Hes going to be there for her and he will deeply fall in love with @YOU and @YOU will fall in love with him… The episode story is Limelight style.

Liam looks like this. But coud you do the art scene?

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Detail point was like picture and character details and pose and some extra…

oml :sob::raised_back_of_hand:t3: we need the exact scene deets & a ref , & his ll deets too


well no i can’t do the art seem cause i don’t know anything except for he is a love interest & neither does anybody else

character details -
background -
pose -
outfit -
anything extra -

those are details lmao

i recommend going to uhm…
@CaillouvsShrekbeingadaddy , they make GOOD ARTKWORK !!

bye- :skull:

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I want my artscenes to look like this but hold on.

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Ask @CaillouvsShrekbeingadaddy

How i go to the page?

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Instagram :pleading_face:

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i tried finding that person. couldnt find it

Oop, well maybe I could help if I’m free.


Ok hold on

Lime light style (By the way)
Character Details

Name- Liam
Skin - Cooper 3
Brows Color-Deep Brown
Hair - Medium Side Curls
Hair Color - Deep Brown
Eyes - Deepset Heavy Lid
Eyes color - Brown Pale
Face - Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
Nose- Male Generic
Lips - Medium Heart
Lips Color - Rose Light Nude Gloss


Pose - Looking at the camera smiling…

Outfit - Swoop Neck Tee Cotton Grey Light,
Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Blue Oxford, and Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Grey Black

anything extra- nothing extra i just want LIAM LOOKING AT THE CAMERA SMILING

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