Could someone make me a background please?

Hi there.

I’m writing a story on Episode and I’m really not finding any bedroom backgrounds that I’m happy with for my character. Would someone be willing to pretty please make me a background? I always give credit!

Bedroom for teenage girl
Daytime and nightime
I really love the episode kind of anime-like style more than real life pictures, so that is the style that would be preferred
If there are windows (not required), I need them to view out to a yard or other houses, not a city
Preferably from a side view so I can have the character lay on the bed
Preferably with at least 2 zones
I don’t have any specific items that need to be in the room, but if you want information about the character for some inspiration then here you go:

Name: Anissa
Eighteen years old
Twelfth grader
On the swim team
Loves giraffes & elephants
Loves to read
Favorite color:

Thank you for your time! :heart:

I can make it for u! I am making other things too so I’ll tell u when I start :heart:

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What do you think of this if you like it then I can give this in night too all you have do is credit me at my Instagram @orangeweedie.episode (if you decided to us it)

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Thank you! :blush:

This is soooo cute! I don’t know if this is what I’m looking for for this exact character, but she has a little sister that I feel like much better suits this room :blush: I would definitely like to use it! :heart:

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Sure :blue_heart:

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Hi! I make backgrounds myself, @canvas_creativity on insta. You can go check out samples of my work in my drive :slight_smile: If there’s nothing you like, I’d be more that happy to do make one for you if you like how I do my bgs :slight_smile:

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Your bedroom backgrounds aren’t quite what I’m looking for, but I really love some of your other backgrounds on your drive! I may have to use some of those :blush: I read your rules, so I’ll definitely be sure to credit you if I use them! :heart:

I found this, I couldn’t edit the photo I was trying tho I can try and edit this but tell me what u want :slight_smile: