Could someone make me a background?

I’d like someone to make a bathroom that matches the color scheme of this room (ISLAND BEDROOM)

Could there be a day and night version, please?
Thanks so much!

I’ll try.

I can try

Here is one I have in my story

the curtain is an overlay

Idk if you can use it, but I found this cool bathroom picture. Also I didn’t make it; it was just on Google. :slight_smile:

I’ve made this and I have it night and day

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Hey! I can make one too! It’ll be a bit more to he theme… rather than just green! If you’re still up for it!

Hello Can someone help me I would like a cover for my story love or hate and how do i put on my story.I finally find all backgrounds but dont know how to put it on my story

Sure, I’d love that!

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Hi hun sorry to reply late
I finally find all backgrounds but don’t know how to put them in my story.
I also need a cover .
I have not finish the story and want to edit it but it won’t let me

It’ll be done today!