Could someone make me a blue or white duvet overlay please? :)

Something similar to this but just the duvet, for this image below…

@Marysol.Episode , she might be able to do it or maybe you can find something in her thread it’s closed rn but I’m pretty sure she won’t mind if you pm her .

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Matching the pillows

Matching the picture you uploaded



Oh my goshh! Thank you so much! Do you want me to credit you? I definitely will if you want me to :smiley:

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Thank you so much! I’ve got one already from a very nice individual but thank you for the offer. I’ll definitely keep the person you mentioned in mind :))))

It’s fine, no need for credit.

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Okayy! Thank you so much once again. If you change your mind just tell me :blush:

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You’re welcome!