Could someone make me a cover for my story?



Hello! I was wondering if somebody could make me a cover for my story.

I would love the girl Gabrielle holding a rose while the boy Quinn is playing her hair or wrapping his arms around her while they are both holding the rose together?

Gabrielle looks like this:

Quinn looks like this:

I’ll make sure to credit whoever makes it thank uuu!

If they both could be wearing something else?


Episode harmony can @Epy.raven @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE OR Episode Dreams @meadowh
I hope someone can, I’m already working on one
(pls no hate episode harmony AND episode dreams) I just wanna help! :hugs::relaxed::grin::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:


Or @Teahwalker And @MadisonW if they can! :hugs::cherry_blossom::grinning:


Examples here!


Thank you!


Np :hugs::smile::hibiscus:


I can make it!

If you go to my thread :wink:

Here’s the link:



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I can just pm me the details but i’ll make one now too!



I do covers also


thank u!


What is the title?


It’s called Not Meant To Be


@Emmystories The_Art_Sisters could help you!