Could someone make me a cover? Nothing fancy

Hi, I don’t know if I can request it like that, but I really need a cover cause my skills suck. It can be plain and simple but just “cute” and with nice quality. The title is “Forgiven Sin” and it has pretty aesthetic vibes.


Hi, if you want i do commissions.

If you want to see some examples of my works here you can find them:

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Yes, thank you, I would like that! If you willing to make one then sure. Like I said it can be really plain just background and title, but if you want to do it with MC then her hair are deep brown colored and eyes are aqua blue.

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Okay i can do what you want but i only do commissions, so i ask a little payment but i promise I’m really cheap :wink:
So if you are still interested you have to tell me a bit more about what you want your cover be like :+1:

I do edited backgrounds if you want one.

Aw shoot, I don’t have paypal so I’m not really able to pay :pleading_face: Im sorry I took your time then!

Hey, I can do this, I just started recently but I think I can work with yours :slight_smile: dm me on @olivia_episodee on Instagram with the details and everything you want in the cover(no money needed)

If you are willing to pay a little then there are other ways to pay us not only paypal (but i don’t want to give you pressure)

Just opened an art shop! Feel free to check it out :blush: