Could someone make me a script template for a skip chapter?

Hi I was wondering if someone could make me a script template to give my readers the option to skip a chapter.

label skip_episode
Would you like to skip this chapter?
"Yes, skip it!"{
You're sure you want to skip?
"Let me skip!"{
goto end_episode
}"No, take me back!"{
goto skip_episode
}}"No, let me read!"{
goto start_episode

label start_episode


label end_episode


Thank you I will try this now :grinning:

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It’s so strange, it’s not working. When I go to preview the skip choice option it just loops me back to the start of the chapter and has me play through the whole chapter.

Did you click “Let me skip!”? Is your end_episode label at the end of your chapter?

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No the end label is at the beginning of the chapter, Should I add it to the end?

Yes. Put it after the last scene but before your outro (if you have one).

I just did this and it works! Thank you so much!

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