Could someone make me an art scene? *open**

Hey could anyone make me an art scene? For the first art scene I need, I need these 3 girls tied up (very securely) and sitting on chairs. They had just gotten kidnapped and beat up, so I will need them to have bruises and cut and stuff. I want the girl with the black hair to be awake and angry, with a tattoo of a blood red rose on her collarbone. The one with the dark brown hair is terrified, and bleeding from her lip. The one with the light brown hair needs to have a gun shot wound on her shoulder and she looks disgusted. (From the smells lol.) They all need to be tied to chairs, with no way of getting out. Put a hidden gun strap on the girl with the black hair’s thigh. Make a little rip in her dress to show part of it, but not the whole thing. The girl with the light brown hair will have a pocket knife in her hand, trying to cut the chain they are tied up with. I want them to be in an abandoned warehouse, wearing the outfits they are in the pictures. If you can’t do them all in the room together, put them all in separate rooms. Thank you for anyone who is able to make something like this for me!!

Also, I will try to do what I can for you if you are able to make this happen for me:) I could put you in my story, message me if you will! Thank you!!!

you should message
she does amazing art scenes


Dm me @hailey_blr_epi

Aww thank you!! (Sorry only just saw this wifi was down lol) :kissing_heart:
Sorry @Kmayber Not sure if you’re still looking or not but I’m currently not taking any new requests until I’ve completed the ones on my list, sorry :kissing_heart:

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It’s ok!

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no worries i love the rat scenes i have so far

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I’m so glad, your last one will hopefully be with you soon! :smiley:

My story is almost ready to be published as well

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