Could someone make my first story cover?

They look amazing, where should I leave my request???

you can leave it here if you want.

so just reply to you here, are you sure?

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yeah, you can. :wink:

Hey I saw your cover that you made, could you make one for me to :grimacing:

Request here. @Yazminx and @epi_sunny, you can request in my thread.

can you maybe tell me how you do it?

i use photoshop cs6, but it requires purchase, so I use free trial.

lets not get off topic on @epi_sunny thread.

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Thanks, ok I was thinking about having my two main characters standing on a balcony at night, but so the person reading the story can see the view if that makes sense,

female description:
skin colour: light/copper 00
face shape: soft heart
hair style: long feathered
hair colour: ash brown
brow shape: medium curved
brow colour: black
eyes shape: round bold
eye colour: cyan blue
nose shape: sneer
lip shape: classic
lip colour: deep red
As for the outfit I would like for her to be wearing the red rose dress with some red heels to match

Male description:
skin: tan
face: defined triangle
hair style: style short cropped
hair colour: very, very dark brown or black
brow shape: bushy wide
brow colour: black
eyes shape: round gentle
eye colour: dark brown NOT black
nose: broad
lips: natural but a little darker then the skin
I want him to be wearing the outfit named “Trouble Maker”

For their positions I’d really appreciate the following:
-I’d like to have the female character standing in front of the male
-For the males head diagonally to the right of the females head
-I would like then for the female to have her left hand on his cheek
-As for the male characters arm I want them to be tightly wrapped around the females waist
-I want the female character to be blushing as well
-While the male character is smirking

I really hope this wasn’t to much and its do able, if I didn’t make something clear enough, I can give more detail. I really hope I didn’t over complicate it, but I’m just really excited for it!!

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Awesome. Ill get right to it. :wink:

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Thank you so much!!!

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Also could you put the title name (A Fantasy Reality) above or next to the characters in light blue writing in a similar font as the ‘Make Me Stay’, that would be great

Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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And when i said i wanted the female to blush can you make her look kinda nervous at the same time that would be awesome!!! Sorry to keep adding to it, that was the last edit I make lol :joy::joy:

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Sorry to bother you again i just wanted to ask if you could get the outfits from episode and the background if not could you use the image attached but crop around it. If you do find a night time balcony background that youve seen been used on episode, would you mind showing me it as I saw one I really like and I cant find it on google!

Sorry i lied again, last thing (this time i swear on my life) could you put By underneath the title in the same colour and font (i also read the rules on your thread and i will give credit and wont ask when its gonna be done)

ok. check everything you have just said and make sure its correct before I start it. @epi_sunny

ok right this is my final:
-The female to be standing in front of the male
-For the males head diagonally to the right of the females because he’s taller
-For the females left arm wrapped around his neck and her hand going up his cheek
-I want the males characters arms wrapped around her waist tightly
-I want her to seem like she loves being in his presence so a really sweet no teeth smile
-While he has a devilish smirk across his face and slightly leaning his head in the middle of the top and side of her head

I am REALY sorry for all the inconvenience that I’ve caused as I’m changing it, as for the description of the appearance that can stay the same but fir the outfits I chose them from episode mobile create so I don’t know if you’ll be able to find them but I really hope you can, if you cant please tell me so I can send you images of my characters wearing them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::blue_heart:

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send it just in case.

ok 1 sec