Could someone make my first story cover?

Like a collab?

like 2 persons can do the cover and u can choose which one u want to use.

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Ok thats a good idea ok thats cool

I’d love that, you both can do it and I’ll choose the best


are you ok with that?

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Thank you :sob:


OK so here is the final information fro the cover:
my two main characters standing on a balcony at night, but so the person reading the story can see the view if that makes sense
female description:
skin colour: light/copper 00
face shape: soft heart
hair style: long feathered
hair colour: ash brown
brow shape: medium curved
brow colour: black
eyes shape: round bold
eye colour: cyan blue
nose shape: sneer
lip shape: classic
lip colour: deep red

Male description:
skin: tan
face: defined triangle
hair style: style short cropped
hair colour: very, very dark brown or black
brow shape: bushy wide
brow colour: black
eyes shape: round gentle
eye colour: dark brown NOT black
nose: broad
lips: natural but a little darker then the skin
I want him to be wearing the outfit named “Trouble Maker”

-female to be standing in front of the male
-For the males head diagonally to the right of the females because he’s taller
-For the females left arm wrapped around his neck and her hand going up his cheek
-I want the males characters arms wrapped around her waist tightly
-I want her to seem like she loves being in his presence so a really sweet no teeth smile
-While he has a devilish smirk across his face and slightly leaning his head in the middle of the top and side of her head

For their outfits there is two screenshots in the chat on what I want them to wear, (they are not the characters for the book) but instead of the girl wearing the shoes she has in that pic I want them to be red slim heeled high heels

Then i want the title of the story

A Fantasy Reality to the left of them in light blue writing in the same font as the make ne stay example cover shown in this chat before, and then under the title in the same or similar text to Instagrams “modern” font I want the words:


Whoever I pick will get credit in all my episodes I make after the decision is made, in the beginning and end!

Thank you both for doing this! @lanafrazer_episode and @abygail.bauman good luck and have fun! :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::honeybee:

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Thats ok I’ve already got two people competing to make one. If you really want to I dont mind everything I want is above.

@abygail.bauman @lanafrazer_episode

that is the ideal background for the cover, as when the scene from the cover plays in the story thats the background im going to be using! :blush::blush::blush:

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You can if you want to you can do ot aswell, I’ll be choosing a winner. This is what you get depending on your rank:

1st place:
-The cover of my book
-A shoutout at the beginning and end of each episode that I make after I choose the winners
-A shoutout on my instagram post where I reveal the cover to everyone else
-24hr shoutout on my instagram story with a picture of the winning cover design

2nd place:
-Shoutout at the beginning of 1 (maybe more) episode of my story after I choose the winners
-24hr shoutout on my instagram with a picture of your cover design
-A shoutout on the post on my instagram where I will be revealing the cover of my story to everyone else

@lanafrazer_episode @abygail.bauman thats what 1st and second place get! Good luck to you 2 and play nice!:joy::crossed_swords::heartbeat::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunflower:

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Thats ok

I got you :wink:

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Sweetheart you mixed two different styles in one person.

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Limelight characteristics you listed for a character:

  • copper 00
  • long feathered

INK characteristics you listed for the same character:

  • medium curved
  • black
  • round bold
  • sneer
  • classic
  • deep red

You also listed things that don’t exist.

  • ash brown hair color doesn’t exist
  • cyan blue eye color doesn’t exist

Just send me the photos of your characters in their outfits because I’m unsure if you did Limelight or INK

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Sorry I’ll do that now

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I hope they help sorry to confuse you I wrote down the descriptions of my episode profile character and then my story characters so i must have read off of both if its easier you can make the females skin tan like the males. Thats fine by me, but I’d like to keep her hair style like that and her eye colour is basically the same colour as the reply button on here and i meant her hair is fawn :blush::tired_face::sunflower::sunflower:

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Thank you

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No problem and sorry for the mistakes!!

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you’re all good babe

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