Could someone make the art for my front cover please

The story is called Your Light i have only done chapter 1 so far

should i send you the picture of the background

That’s the dress

This is for the boy

cant you do this please

if you have spicific one you want

should i add the shoes lol

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just for a note. those wage discription for a story. kinda suck. cause they do not explain anything.

like suffering great pain. what does that mean. was she asulted. was she bullied. did someone die. was she hit by a car. does she have depression.

and for the big one

could you outline the characters please

im still working on the title and description thx ill try change it

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what do you mean ?

the characters look kind of cut of also could you tell me your instagram so i could give you credit

i do not take credit on my instagram name. please use the one here on the forum.

i am sorry my program wont do that. it keeps makeing white lines around it


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