Could someone me me cover art plz?

So I know there’s probably no one out there, but, could someone make me a cover art for free?

Just wondering…

There are plenty of art shops you can check out

The artists are really talented and although they’re called sho ps, they’re completely freep

I would link some but I’m not on my computer rn

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I found two people that could do it but thank you so much for replying!!

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Could you draw me a cover and possibly a couple art scenes?

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Me me me pleaseee

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Thats perfect!

Should I send some pictures of the characters?

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For the art scenes?

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Decent ones I’ll send a pic


Yeah tell me what you want them to be doing and a background

Thanks she’s supposed to be someone turning into a mermaid

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look at my forum

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yeah I did see that. I like your art btw

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Heyyy… I could use some more artists if you want. I already have a cover artist, but if you want to draw an art scene in the story… that’d be cool. :))

I dont do art scenes

Only covers?

Wellll… I have another story called The Prince. I’m sure my partner would be okay with this, but I want a different cover. Could you maybe do it?

oh yeah… I don’t have any money :((

Trust me, I would never do that. I’m actually in middle school… so I’m broke. And when I have art scenes, I would keep them on for a while.

The cover was made by us, and it isn’t technically art, I just want to make it more appealing. I’m appealed more to stories with cover art. And you make the cover art for free… right?

I see what you mean now. So if I would be able to pay for the art… can you tell me the cost, quality, etc. about what to do. Or maybe you could give some examples of what you’ve drawn?