Could someone please check out my story and critiqe it? It would mean a lot

Could someone look at my story please? Id really appreciate it

Story title: A little Girl rescued by an angel

Author: Kim (arianator3942)

Genre: Drama/Hurt comfort

Style: Ink

Completed: No

Customization: At the moment no, but probably later

Read4read: Oh golly yes please. my email is

description: a little girl named Becky is rescued from her abusive uncle by a pop star named Anita Gandre (my alias for Ariana Grande). Anita also adopted her but recovering from abuse isn’t easy. All celebrities or someone associated or related to one will be based on a real celebrity. (example Ariana Grande’s mom name is Joan so in the story I named her Joanna)

current number of episodes: 3

I made a cover last night but it is pending approval

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: