Could someone please do me a night time version?

Hi, is there someone who could please make me a night time version of this background, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @MissSarahG1 , is this fine? (Im pretty bad at editing owo)

I think its too dark tho XD

How about like so? :blush:


omg this looks way better wHat editing app do u use

:smiley: Thank you, but I don’t, actually!

w h a t


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I either use my desktop or google slides or find translucent layers of blue and black and overlap then screenshot. :smiley:

o h h h

That makes sense XD

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The above 2 pics are both nice and thank you for showing them to me but I was kind of after a background where the lights are on but its night time outside if that’s possible, sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:

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@abygail.bauman, hey, can you do this? I don’t think I can. :wink:

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Would you happen to know anyone who could do it for me if you can’t do it yourself? :smiley:

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Please would you, it would mean a lot to me :slight_smile: