Could someone please draw me a cover? (contest)

i am in need of one a drawn cover! i will give credit to the creator. if you can make a cover please comment down below. Also i would like it drawn not edited.

the girl ;
body: olive
brow: mature round
hair: black and straight
eyes: blue and round classic
face: soft heart
nose: elven
lips: classic and mocha

the boy:
body: tan
brow: thin arch
hair: black and short cropped hair
eyes: green and classic almond
face: defined triangle
nose: button
lips: terracotta and uneven

many thanks! have a good day or night :slight_smile:

Hey there @annabelb, this is Sydney the Mod! :smiley: Moving this topic to Art Resources since you’re looking for covers. If you have questions about anything, feel free to PM me and make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:

Me and epi. Sunset can!

yes please:) xx

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How is your story called and what’s your author name and also on what background? :slight_smile:

story name: Agent 24
author name: annabel
background: building background preferably at night.
thank you so much :slight_smile:

also do you have any example i could maybe see?

My cover art

Also @Hialexhi is going to post her examples (she’s a member of the group as well)

Now my outlines ( I have more)

Artwork (also have more)

And I’ve done @roseyy 'so pfp :slight_smile:

they look amazing everyone is so talented! i’m so happy you guys are making a cover for me :))

:slight_smile: awww thanks we will surely make it!

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thank you! how long will it roughly take? xx

Maybe a few hours 1 and 30 mins. The longest :slight_smile:

ok thank you :)))

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Np.Also would you like the girl pointing a gun to the guy?

oh yeah i forgot can it be pointing the screen and then like a glass shatter make on the screen from where the girl had supposedly shot.

I’ll try my best :slight_smile:

thank you :))


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Ready yyyyy!

Hope you like it! Pls give credit :slight_smile:

hi! you spelt me name wrong do you mind changing it