Could someone please help me for a cover for my story?

Hi! I was wondering if there is anyone willing to help me out with a story cover for my story? It would be greatly appreciated!

What do u need?

  • Drawn (Commission / Request) / Edited?
  • Background?
  • No. of characters?
  • Poses?
  • Character Details?
  • Outfits?
  • etc…

I would really like my cover to be drawn requested for now.

  • 1 character (mc)
    -Details of character (Eira)
    Hair style= Long Down Wavy Princess Braid
    hair colour= brown black
    Skin colour= Natural 5
    eyebrows= arched natural
    eyebrow color= jetblack
    eyeshape= generic female
    eyecolour= emerald green
    face shape= diamond defined contour
    nose shape= defined natural
    mouth shape= Full round pouty
    lip colour= Orange deep gloss

I’m still not sure what outfit she should wear at the moment.
but in the photo, she is wearing-

  • treble clef tattoo
    -butterfly forearm tattoo solid
    -Asymmetrical Draping Sleeveless Dress Cotton Green Teal
    -nose stud silver
    -Silhouette Cameo Choker Ribbon Black

Do you want realistic, semi-realistic, cartoon, episode-style? For the latter, you might find in an art shop, but the first three are probably going to be commissioned. Your best bet are commissions or an edited cover.

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im happy with realistic, semi-realistic, and cartoon.

Ok, well then you will probably have to buy a commissioned work. If you can’t, then search through art shops or get an edited cover.

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ok thank you :))

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Are looking for a free cover or are you ok with paying? I only do commissions right now if you are interested :slight_smile: