Could someone please help me with my story 😬


I’m currently writing a story. And I have old written a few hundred lines so far, and I really wan’t to stick to this story like I have written 3 stories in the past and none of the have made it past episode 2 and being published

So I would love it if I could actually get this story on the go so I will be able to publish and finish an entire story.

Some things about my story:
The MC doesn’t have a very good home life with her adoptive parents
The LI is her best friend and next door neighbor
The MC is a complete bad ass and doesn’t five a f*ck about school
The LI has a soft kind of personality and is kinda nerdy

Things I need help with:

  • Coming up with ideas on what to put in an episode
  • How to make the story flow properly
  • Motivation to carry on writing

I hope someone can help me :sleepy:

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Hi! I actually have the same problems (motivation to write). I don’t know if it’ll work for everyone, but these are just things I do to keep myself interested in writing.

  • Music - Listening to music to set the tone of the scene helps me understand it better (if that even makes sense). It’s fun and it’s kind of a distraction but also a motivation to keep me focused on writing my story.

  • Google - What I mean by this is if you’re stuck on how a situation should play out, Google situations similar to it and see how they work it out, and try to interpret that in a way that works for your story.

If these do work out you might be able to get ideas as the story develops and you get more invested and interested in seeing it done. But it also takes time, so don’t rush yourself!

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What do you mean by the google bit. I’m a bit confused :sweat_smile:

You said you needed ideas for a story. What I mean is if you have drama in your story but you don’t know how to fix the problem, you should find similar situations to this and try to interpret that into your story.

ex. If I needed help writing about a space story, I would Google other space missions and get inspiration from there.

I hope I explained it better :sweat_smile:.

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Ohhh. I never thought of that!!

If you don’t feel motivated, don’t force it. Chill, take a nap, take a hot shower, eat a bowl of ice cream; whatever makes you feel relaxed. People are most motivated when they’re happy (:

When I’m out of ideas, I watch funny and cute parrot videos :joy: You can get the best ideas from the most random things

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:rofl: :rofl:

I seemed to have found and idea to finish a scene from watching baby groot videos so I get that now

Honestly, if you get bored writing or the story feels boring, have a big epic twist. Like someone dies or car crash or someone gets really sick. Something to keep the readers and you captivated. Just a little thought :blush:

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Well i don’t know if this works for you but what i do is when i can’t seem to write more, i just think of the possible, most stupid and hilarious scenarios. And mostly just go: “heehee what if i added in stupid sh*t, wouldn’t that be funny?”

But yeah that’s how i solve my writer’s block, from there on i start to write more till i run into the same scenario again :joy:

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Haha I like that :rofl:

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