Could someone possibly make some cover art for me?

I’m fairly new to episode and i’m currently working on my first story. If you’re willing to create a cover for me please respond here. Oh, and i’m using Limelight. Tysm!

I’m new to and also working on a story but maybe we could help each other.

Yeah, definitely! I’m going to maybe try to create my own cover but i just wanted to see if there was anyone that could make one or help me before i attempt.

This is my thread if you still need a cover

I looked at your profile picture lol you know you can crop off the “searched up” part of your screenshot right?

Also, does anyone know how to zoom in and out on characters?

@HaileyBombshell I could make it. check out my thread here

Here’s an example:

@zoom on EXAMPLE to 200% in 2

When it says “in 2”, that’s the amount of seconds it takes to zoom