Could someone quickly make me a background?

Could someone make a background of a male hand in skin tone Honey, holding this necklace?


With the floor of this background, in the background? :joy:

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I can try, if you’d like.

yes please tysm xx

Can you go deeper into detail of what you want so that i can do it correctly.

So basically, i’ll be using it in a scene where a boy, gives the necklace to his girlfriend, and the place he gives it too her is that background i sent, so could it the boys hand, (in tone honey) holding the necklace like hes away to give it to her? x

I’m gonna try my hardest! Does he have the ladyrose tattoo

yes he does, and tysm xx

np and i’ll get started right away

Is this okay? Or did you want it different?

can it ben like from the boys point of view, and hes looking down at his hand holding the necklace? x




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Thank you <3 xx

can you make it but with a female hand now ?

of course!

here’s your bg!

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Love it, tysm <3 xx

Np that was my first background so