Could someone read over my story before i publish it and give review?

would someone be willing to read over the first few episodes of my story and give me advice? just reply to this or PM me and I will send you the link. thank you!!


I can help you out with a review if you’re still looking for someone!


omg tysm! i’ll send the link in a bit since im still working on some of it <3

Sounds good :blush:

can i read it :slightly_smiling_face:

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yeah, sorry i just realized that i cant share an unpublished episode if the story itself is punvlished (im reediting the episodes) but if you wouldn’t mind id love feedback on the original so i know what to keep!

Yes I wanted to but I can’t because episode has a new update!!

So I can’t click on the link of your story but maybe I can read it after you published it!!:grin:

I think this is a bad thing I said but I want to help whenever I can!!:hugs::heart:

I can review it! I heard the links don’t work for androids but I have apple

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