Could someone review my story?


I have created very similar topic two days ago. Since then I got many reviews from some of you and other people I made major changes in my story so I would really love to get some feedback or just an impression on this new version.
Feel free to write anything as I believe the first chapter is the most important one and deserves special care.

Thank you so much!


I would love to! Would you mind doing mine when I’m done? I will also do yours when I am done with my story.


Sure I will do yours :slight_smile:️ Just send me the link.
I have only published the first chapter to know what should I focus on in the upcoming chapters.


I will review yours! I will be honest, though!


Thank you! I want you to be as honest as possible :laughing: I have already done major changes and I know I will do more. I want it to be really good.


It is honestly very good!


Thanks :slight_smile: