Could use some help with plot cuz I need a lil DRAMA

Hey ya’ll.

So, an outline of what’s the story abt:

It’s about girl being abducted for ransom, by a handsome boy, and it is clear that he’s only doing the dirty work, and that he’s not the one, who wants her father’s money. (And the knowledge of why he’s doing it for someone will come later)
Spoiler alerts down there, so if you feel like you’d like to read this story, don’t read this thread, okay

More abt story

That being said, the point of the story is to spend some time with the guy and get to know him, in order to manipulate him and earn his trust, to make the escaping easier. Buuut, later on, as MC gets to know him, there is a chance of developing some kind of feelings towards him. (It’s called Stockholm Syndrome, look it up) The player gets to decide if whether they have is real, or is she just playing, to persuade him, to let her go.

So there’s full CC, shit tons of choices (3 main routes, when it comes to MC’s character) and obviously those choices matter, almost every James’s (cuz that’s the name of a guy) dialogue is determined by how many relationship points you have with him, minigames (where you need to collect Escape Points, to even try to escape), art scenes (made by me) and well, some original plot, I hope.

Here’s the sneak peak on special scene:

What I need help with

I kinda forgot, that I need some drama in there, to create opportunities for MC and LI, to get to know each other better, so ANY ideas will be a huuuge help.

I already wrote 3 episodes, just waiting for two bgs approval to publish it :black_heart:


This story looks so good! I didn’t read the spoiler alerts so sorry I can’t help you. By the way, who did your cover? :eyes:


Well, thank you anyways!

I made my cover :black_heart:

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It looks great!

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I don’t know how the characters personality is.
But if the James character has a short temper or is manipulative in any way, then these tips might be something :slight_smile:

You could make her act by not doing what he says in the beginning of the story. And then later on change her mindset and deside that the better way is to “play nice” and make him like her.
For an example.
He talks to her, and she refuses to respond.
He tells her to eat, She refuses.
He get’s frustrated or angry, and starts yelling in anger.

He leaves her to herself. And then comes back to act as if it never happened, acting kind. And maybe giving her something.

His bad sides is shown in the beginning of the story but as the story progresses, his good sides get shown. And that’s where she starts getting the stockholmsyndrome.

I don’t know, tell me what you think hehe.
(sorry if I don’t make any sense, English is not my first language)


Oki, so I can’t really help, I was just wondering if you could let me know when you publish this story because I would love to read it!


So basically, everytime action needs to be taken there is a choice (MC doesn’t do practically anything by herself), and most of the time there are 3 routes you can take. Those 3 choices look like that:

  • Peaceful option, calm, girly, sometimes shy, find the words urself but I think u kno what I mean
  • Funny option, sarcastic, kind of sassy
  • D E N I A L , this is what you’re talking abt: refusing to do smt, answer, just being mean overall, but in understandable way (she’s kidnapped so, even if he doesn’t like this attitude, he kind of understands why she acts like that)
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Oh, totally will, thank you!
Also, you can always look for updates on my ig! @witchoflust.ep

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How did you make your cover?

I want to be told when it is published as well!

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A little later in when they’re starting to get closer there could be a point where the LI is put into a situation where he has to chose between her and the reason he’s doing it in the first place which effects their relationship in different ways.

Another is there could be a personal interference during the kidnapping like someone from the kidnapper discovers what he’s doing.

This is what I’ve come up with on the spot,I could probably think of something better


Oh, that’s cool!!! TYSM, gon do it 100%

I’m not gon put any more spoilers here, but I kinda did smt similar in 3rd episode! Great minds think alike, huh?


I don’t know if you liked the example that I made with the food.

But if you did, the choices could be:

Peaceful option - She does what he says, maybe acting overly nice. or just doesn’t show mush emotion.
Funny, sassy option - could be that she says some snarky comment like " You expect me to eat that?" or something.
And the denial option - could be her just turning her back to him, not answering him at all. Or her verbally saying something.

If they choose the peaceful option - She might get to do something with him, because he feels bad for putting her in this situation.

If they choose the sassy option - She might get a clue, like she finds out something about him.

if they choose the denial option - Maybe she finds out how he reacts to a curtain situation.

I don’t know, I find it really hard to branch like this, haha!


I plan to do some tutorials on yt in the future, so stay tuned :smile_cat:

Will tag ya, fosho! :black_heart:

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Thank you!!!

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I’m glad I could help a little bit! When the story is published I’ll for sure give it a read, it sounds like it’s going to be a really good story

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That’s pretty much exactly what happens! :smile_cat:
I’m just thinking, what can I add to this story, what should be happening in there, to create those situations for them!
I finished 3rd episode and I feel like I ran out of ideas for this early-stage-acquaintance, if u know what I mean :cry:


Oh, sorry… lost in translation haha :sweat_smile:
Maybe having a scene where she wakes up from a nightmare. And he is there holding her when she wakes up.
Then he might open up to her and tells her his fears or something, to make her feel less alone.
That could make them feel more acquainted.

That could also be a choice to how she reacts when he all of a sudden is really close to her.
I don’t know. This might not be my genre :laughing:


Ohgawd that’s so cuteeeee!!!
I’m TOTALLY adding it rn!!! :rofl: :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:
I can already see me doing an art scene for that, lol


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