Could we be good friends?


I love The Doors too :rofl:

It can be hard to find actual true friends nowadays :confused: I have a few true friends that I now I can count on which I’m fine with cause I’d rather have 1-3 true friends rather than 15 fake ones but I’m always up for trying to make new friends cause I don’t wanna miss out on anyone that could be cool. But I’ve had a lot of friends and it never worked out cause they were fake ya know

My is name~ {Gia}

Instagrame name~ {Somethindifferent.epi}

Favorite artist~ {Billie Eilish, and Melanie Martinez} are my main favs, I like other artists too

My hobbies~ {Art, reading, writing, talking to some of my friends}

Do I like Ink or LL more?~ {I’m more of an Ink fan}

Which country am I from?~ {Montana}

Which languages can I speak?~ {I speak English and I speak some Spanish and Italian}

Also if anyone else wanna be friends DM me or PM me idm

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Ciaoooo! Anche io sono italiana!!!

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Whats your name: Kira

Instaname (If you have one): @ravenwrites_episode

Fav artist: Too many XD At the moment I am really loving Adam Lambert
(Doesnt matter if art,music,etc)
Fav music genre: I like all music except for like heavy metal and screamo

Hobbys: reading, singing, coding, acting

Do you like LL or Ink more: Limelight definitely!

Age (optional): 15

From which country are you /which languages can you speak: I am from Australia and I only speak english

What do you do on episode (only read,write etc.): I read and write (my current story is called Light After Dark)

I’d love to be friends!


Whats your name: Christine Diane

Instaname (If you have one): sadgirldiane

Fav artist: Cardi B, Beyonce, Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Camila Cabello and many others

Fav music genre: Hip-hop and pop

Hobbys: Reading, writing, cooking, and listening to music

Do you like LL or Ink more: LL

Age (optional): 24

From which country are you /which languages can you speak: Cameroon (AFRICA), I speak English and French

What do you do on episode (only read,write etc.): Read and Write

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Ciaoooo, bello trovare qualcuno italianoooo

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