Could we have a Chicago meet-up?


Is anyone willing to help me set up an Episode Chicago meet-up?? Like the london one but in Chicago? :sweat_smile:


Or a MN meet up…


They actually have one set up!
Go to epymeetup.chicago on instagram for details.


reralllyyyyyyyyyyyyy??? omg yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


Yess!! That are having one in my state as well! Yeet!


omg really??? wow


Yep they actually have about 3 right now that seperate Episode authors are planning.


wow! :open_mouth:


2 in the USA and 1 in Amsterdam!!


wow. damn, now I wanna make a forum meet-up so we can all meet


That would be lit! Do it!!


do you wanna organize it with me???


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At the moment, I think there are five being planned actually lol. All for next year:

@/episodemeetupamsterdam (Nov 9)
@/episodemeetup.chicago (August 3)
@/episodemeetupnyc (July)
@/episodemeetupasia (Singapore 21 July)
@/episodegoestodisney (Feb 2-9)


Omg I wanna go to the episode goes to Disney one lol


There is a Chicago meetup next year in August. I follow the person that created it on Instagram. I live in Indiana and Chicago is really close to me :slight_smile:


A popular author planned that meetup up actually. S. Langdon did.


It would probably be a lot of fun, but also it would probably be the most expensive of all the meet-ups lol.

I’m personally probably going to the Singapore one (as I should be just a short plane ride away at the time) and mayyyyybe Amsterdam.