Could we have a guardian receive the money & enter the Payment Program while not being of age?

I was wondering this for a while but i don’t know if i can ? <3

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If you’re not of age yet, Episode keeps track of how much you would be earning if you were of age, and once you are of age, you can have all your past earnings and any future earnings :slight_smile:


Oh okay but can like parents enter this program and have their info instead of mine?

I’m not sure but someone on the forums probably has the answer ^-^

Alright, thank you so much :slight_smile:

Also, how can i know when the 60 days will be over or it doesn’t really show anywhere?

I was wondering that. Hopefully, we can. The whole keep track of all the money you earned until you’re off age thing seems a bit odd.

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I just addressed this with the team and can confirm that a parent/guardian is not allowed to accumulate payment for anyone who is underage. Hope this helps!


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