Could you give me feedback please 🥺

so idk if this is in the right category… but anyways :blob_hearts:
so i was editing a new pfp and i decided to use a bunch of websites and apps to make my current pfp.
i’ve asked some of my friends feedback about it and many said they liked it, but a few said it was too much and kinda ugly… :slightly_frowning_face:
so i wanted to ask u guys, what do u think?
rando 2

please give honest judgement! sometimes the truth hurts :sweat_smile: :frowning: :heart:


it’s not bad. Like I’m being 100% honest here

I personally don’t like the filter that’s one her. I think just adding a light filter on here would be fine. Not one that would change her textures. Because it makes her appear very rough.

but I like the colors you used, very cohesive

I rate 9/10


thank u for ur feedback :blob_hearts:


It’s beautiful! But im not really a fan of yellow :thinking::thinking:

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it’s goLd btw @MMG

but it kinda vibed so i went w gold

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yes i lile yellow more than gold :laughing:

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:joy: lol

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but seriously it’s good :relieved:

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