Could you guys help me? plzzzzzz

So, i was playing around, and click something I didn’t want to. When I hit the 3 grey lines, “New” normally has like numbers
Example “New 127”

but i clicked something and don’t know how to put it back. Could someone help me? :pleading_face:


you properly hit dismiss new.


how do i fix it???

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you dont. you have dismissed the post they are gone, dont worry there comes more every day.

new post are the new forums there have been made. if you go into it its gone.


oh, ok/ i think i get it. tnx

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the new one will appear…you just click the dismiss new button…that’s all…nothing to worry about


I don’t know how to post on these forums but can someone please help!
I read a story before and I can’t remember the name it was about an escaped convict with green hair and he started living with me but that’s all I can remember and I really want to read it again

oh my phsyco, it have been removed because it broke guidelines. and because the author re publish it in a version there didn’t break the guidelines she was ban from the app, i think you can find it on wattpad

for a note sometimes episode ban for stupid stuff, and that stupid stuff, some been advatise other places, like a wattpad story.

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more often than not the story has toxic\inappropriate influencing themes in it, i’ve never seen episode particularly just ban a story for no reason. there are plenty things i’ve read on the app and I wonder how they’re still there lol.