Could you help with a story description?


If you are good in making a story description, could you help make mine more appealing to the reader? I’ve got some on my mind, maybe you could give your opinion which you like more?:heart:

Could you give a feedback on the description?

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Yeshhh! I am not sure if I am good at it , bit try won’t hurt :upside_down_face:


Can I dm you?:slight_smile:


Now I’ve got two on my mind. Obviously I want it to look more appealing:) also, as I’m not a native speaker it would be really kind of you to help me make it better♥️


Hiii :smiley: I can tell you my feedback, but I dont know if I am THAT good at writing, but I am sure that i can tell you my opinion to your descriptions ^ _ ^


Thanks and can I pm you?:slight_smile:




Totally :grin: if you still need help