Could you tell me how to make this layer work?

I want to make an effect of a single drip dripping from the face, not exactly sure how though. I saw this in the story “Maternal instinct” and it was great! Could you help me with commands for a layer “a tear” (I don’t have one yet), so that I could make this effect?

You would need to get an overlay of a tear with no background and upload it as an overlay. Then. position it how you want it and put it into your story. Maybe make one yourself or ask on one of the overlay request shops. I’m not sure of the exact commands because I don’t know if you want to add it at the start of the scene or throughout it, but I can try and help if I know what you want the scene to be like. If not, I’m sure there’s many other people on here that can help you (I’m not the best with overlays). Hope this somehow helps (sorry if it doesn’t) :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d like it dripping throughout the scene and I guess I will need to work with opacity and shifts, if you could help I’d very thankful :slight_smile:

Sure, but I’m not the best at this kind of stuff (just to warn you). You would have to do something like this to add it to the scene (I think):
&overlay TEAR create
&overlay TEAR opacity 0
&overlay TEAR shifts to …
@overlay TEAR scales to …
@overlay TEAR opacity 1 in …
@overlay TEAR shifts to …

This is just a basic template, I’m not fully sure if it works, as you may not need the & signs. Replace the … with whatever numbers suit it. This would make the tear fade in, then roll down the cheek. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face: if you need anymore help just ask

I was updating my answer, I’m not sure if it’s right though.

It’s fine, I accidentally do it all the time :joy:

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I’ll try this, thank you :pray:

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Do you know how?:slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I knew I forgot something :joy:

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