Couldn’t reply to anything just now?



Oof what happened is this their way of upgrading the site?


I had the same issue and was about to make a thread :joy:. I wonder what happened? @Sydney_H what happened?


Yep, i guess so.


Yeah, everyone should have had this.


Yeah and also I couldn’t see who replied to me, like all my activity was gone for a moment. And there was serious glitching like I read the messages but they kept leaving it as unread. I thought I got suspended for a moment lmao…


Yup, I got that. I thought I was only one got it ^^;


nope, everyone did. lol


The forums was put on read mode for a while

Everyone had this


Yeah, for about 20 minutes for me


Lol yup, now I know xD


same lol


Looking into it. :+1: :wink:


This issue seems to have gone away, but the staff will be keeping an eye out in case this happens again. If so, it’d be helpful if y’all could send in tickets with screenshots, like you did here. :smiley:

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