Cover and Intro Request Thread

I have opened up a cover and request form

Here are my examples



Do u just do limelight or do u also do ink

I can do both :laughing:

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I was just making sure ty svm :star_struck::star_struck: :star_struck:

Have your requested for anything?

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Not yet we had an issue with my 27 year old daughters health I’m going to do it this evening

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Sorry to hear about that. Hope she gets better soon


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Hello! Do you still take request, and if so I have sent you one. <3

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I am but it won’t be done for 2 weeks

OMG thank you so much <3 you are a literal LIFE SAVER :sob:

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Do you still require the request?


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Hey :wave:t4: it’s approaching the initial two week timespan, I just want to know how’s it going :sunflower: no pressure or anything :ok_woman:t4: Just simply curious :upside_down_face:

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I have been extremely busy, I will start now as I have some free time

I have a question, do they have to be on the same screen at the same time or can they be different screens

What do you mean by “they?” And instead of having the mature themes and sound tittles on the splashes, can they be changed to “Thanks for reading” and “To be continued…”

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You requested an intro with six characters - so the characters are ‘they’.

You want splashes or an animated intro?

Oh okay :sweat_smile: sorry for my confusion and I’m not sure what an animated intro is, do you have any examples or could you please explain? :tulip: