Cover and Name Suggestions!

I’m making a new story and I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what to do for both the cover AND the title itself. If I end up choosing your idea I’d be happy to add you to the story! You’d get a character named after you and you’ll be able to customize them and help with their personality.

PLOT: After a string of murders going on in your area, you and four other teens decide to take things into your own hands.

It’s basically like Scooby doo meets breakfast club. I want to incorporate the whole group in the cover and possibly have the title have to do with them. Like maybe the title can be their team name?

Comment ANY suggestions I’m super desperate.


I’m really uncreative at those topics but my first thought was something like “Teen investigators” or you could make them a Team name…it could help to imagine what exactly is going to happen and how the protagonists will develop through out the story!
I hope I gave you some inspiration :blush:

You can text me anytime if you need help with something, here or on Instagram : @annawepisode :blush:

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What’s the story’s genre? I have a few ideas for a few different genres, like:

Riddles & Murders Club (comedy)
Teen Investigators or Team Detectives (pretty much any genre because it’s really straightforward)
Teens vs Serial Killer (comedy)
Mystery Murders on street name (drama, mystery or comedy)


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Its mostly mystery/suspense with comedy and romance mixed in!

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Thanks so much! I literally can’t think of any team names right now to be honest. The only thing I came up with was murder club (kind of a spin off of breakfast club ig) and I’m not entirely sure I like it. If you come up with anything don’t hesitate to tell me! Im setting up an instagram for my story soon so I’ll make sure to follow you as soon as that’s up.

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Maybe “The Smooth Crime Solvers”, “The Baker Street Gang”, “Sherlock’s Descendants” or “Murder Mystery Club”