Hiiii, i need a cover for my story and also an opening page.

My story is not yet released.

It’s about a racer girl basically, she’s an amazing driver with very over protective brothers. so for the cover i was thinking an image of her holding her helmet with her brothers stood behind.

Be as creative as you wish, i’m sure i’ll love it.

I’ll attach photos of her and her brothers if that helps.

I’ll help.

Also, do they have to be wearing these outfits?

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Thank you so much, No they can be wearing anything.

Take as long as you need but do you know an aproximate time it will take to make?

At most a day. And last thing, what is an opening page?

Also, can I use this as a helmet?

Yes that helmet is good.

Haha sorry I didn’t know what it was called, by opening page I meant where it says like the title of my story n that…

I would like it to say “Racer Girl” “by Babblebodman”
And you can credit yourself for the cover and that if you want.

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This will take a bit longer than intended, as I’m learning how to make these kind of things more… Detailed.

That’s absolutely fine, thank you again for doing this for me.

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I’m sorry, but can I have an example of an Opening Page? I’m lost.

Don’t worry bout the opening page I decided to not have one.

But thank u so much for doing the cover it’s really good!

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Ur really good at drawing! But I hav a cover bow thank you.