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Hi guys.
I’m just starting my first story and therefore I need a cover for it. Both a small and a large one.

My profile picture should be of “episode me. “

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These ^

For the covers:

Title: Bruised Heart or something.
The story is about a girl who has been battling with troubles and entire misery her entire life. Will she find love? Can someone love her, when she doesn’t love herself? Etc etc.

I’m very open to how the covers look like. But I do fancy these:

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Here’s how the main characters look like and I want both of them on the cover.
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Hope someone will be able to help a fellow out! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I will be happy to read your story or something in return. I love to read!

Kind regards,
Pernille / nillewrites

Can I do the pfp?


This ok?

Hi Allie_Episode.

What is pfp?

The picture is awesome!

Sorry for my late reply btw

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Pfp is profile picture