Cover and splash artist needed!

Hi guys! I’m in need of some amazing cover and splash art for my story, Blood type: v+ done by an amazing artist!!! I’ll need a cover (both big and small if can do so), a splash for music, mature themes and a shout-out to my Instagram page.

A general rundown of my story is, a female was in a terrible accident, she suffers with anemia, a blood reducing illness. She receives a donor from an anonymous man. Who she gains supernatural powers from. She tries to figure out who this man is, but she doesn’t know he’s right under her nose.

If your up to the challenge drop some examples of your work below if you have any. If I’m interested in your work, I’ll message you about the details and what I’m after.

Thank you!! xxxx

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Your story seems coool !

Can’t wait to read it.

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I’d love to help! I have three styles:

This is style one (not just for limelight btw)

This is style two

This is style three

For splashes, I haven’t done many but I do have one example.

If you are interested in my work I’m happy to help but just so you know, I have another cover I need to work on so I won’t be able to start yours until a few days from today. I hope that’s okay!

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I would love to help you! @LadyInfamous
Request here. :point_down:t4::point_down:t4:
Cindy’s Art Shop :wave:

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Thank you! I’m on episode as LadyInfamous keep Ann eye out for the first 3 episodes within the next coming days!! :heavy_heart_exclamation::dizzy:

Hi, thanks for offering your help! I absolutely adore your art! It’s incredible! :heart_eyes: I’ll give you a message very soon if I decide I’m interested. :heartbeat:

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I’ll take a look! Thank you so much x

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Thanks for reading and have a good day :sunglasses:

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I can make cover and splashes whenever you want, here are a few examples