Cover and Splash Shop!


Hi welcome to Nouat_2005’s cover and splash shop! I will read all the stories I make covers or splashes for. It will take around 1-7 days depending on what you order, but it will definitely be done in a maximum of 7 days. You can order here or privately message me what you would like (you can also email me at My Email, but I prefer you not to)

Cover ans Splash Requirements:

  • INK
  • Limlight

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If You Want a Cover

~ Send me a screenshot of your characters and what positions
~Send me the background and all the add ons
~Send me the Author(s) name(s) so I can include them
~send me the genre of the story
~don’t forget to credit to Nouat_2005 :blush::blush:

If You Want a Splash

~Tell me if you would like a character or not:
~If you want a character on it, send me screenshots of that character
~Send me the Background
~If you would like ad ons:
~Send me the add ons
~Send me the Author(s) name(s) so I can include them
~don’t forget to credit to Nouat_2005 :blush::blush:





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