Cover art about hell & heaven needed

Drawn or edited?

And what’s you vision and characters :cherry_blossom:

edited would be great

Would you be interested in my edited covers, then? INK is also fine.



I was thinking of having Hell on the background (like flames or wtv haha) and the main character would be in front of it maybe wearing a big black hat covering her face. The story is called “Heaven’s Call”

Main character:

I’m not sure if I was clear or too specific haha

I really loved that large cover of yours! Would you mind doing one for me?

I can help too! I do edited custom poses on my covers!

Of course! I’ll PM you for further deets.

really? thanks, love! can you dm me?

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If you want drawn cover, i can help!

Here are my examples!

Hope i can help! :revolving_hearts:

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I would love a drawn cover! If it’s not to much trouble. <33

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You can visit my free art shop!
Click here

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Thanks! Are request closed?

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My requests are closed but i will be opening them in like an hour or so…
So you can request

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Aw ty sm for the quick responses <3

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No problem! :revolving_hearts:

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that looks absolutely stunning, you’re so talented! i would really love to collab with you, can I dm you?

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Ofc! :revolving_hearts:

My insta acc is @epi_lily20

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you can check my art shop too

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