Cover art and art scenes

Hey everyone, I am currently writing my first story and I am looking for some cover art, art scenes, and an eerie opening “warning” message to the readers for mature themes and strong language. ’

If anyone can help out or direct me to a person who can help with this I would appreciate it!!!


are you looking for free art or commissioned? Edited or drawn?

Either will work!! And I am not sure what edited art is lol.

Someone from this shop might be able to help .

Drawn commission artist I know of :
@Tehreem.S @caitlindrewthis @silver.shade @Vampira @Tesbie28 @belen_episode @Isabelaepisode

Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged


Edited stuff is like things like where a artist edits a certain pose from episode or try’s to make a pose from episodes animations which is custom poses . Edited artists can put it on a episode bg or a free bg or make it a png . Hopefully I explained it correctly if not lmk and I’ll try to explain it more .

Some examples of edited

These examples are from @Jpassen

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No that makes sense!! I think I am looking for more drawn art.
I want something that is going to bring my characters to life lol.


alright, if you’re looking for a paid artist my commissions are open and you can find my prices and examples here :point_down:

Thanks for the tag dear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you for the tag :heart:
The art prices
(For one character)

  1. Upto shoulder- Rs. 250
  2. Upto knee/waist- Rs. 350
  3. Full length- Rs. 500
    (For two characters)
    Add 50% of the original price
    Illustration of your picture (personal use, not for episode)
    Rs. 300
    Neon edit (personal use, not for episode)
    Rs. 300

These r screenshots of my work

Hi I can help
Inst va.arty

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Hey there! I do paid artworks only! If you are interested in buying arts from me we can come up with a bundle where you’ll get cover + art scenes! Pm me if interested

My shop Temtist art shop🌌 (commissions open)

thank you for the tag!

hiya my commissions are open if you’re interested :))

You can contact me here or on Instagram @caitlindrewthis

prices + info

some examples

You can find more examples here on my thread >> Caitlin’s Art Commissions [OPEN]

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Thanku for the tag :v:t2::revolving_hearts:

You can look into my thread/topic here for examples and prices :smiling_face::point_down:t2:

For more u can reach out to my insta. @tesbie_artz

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Hey cutie :blossom:
If you’re still looking for someone, then I’d like to work with you